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ATVEFAdvanced Television Enhancement Forum
ATVEFAdvanced Television Enhancement Forum (HDTV)
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Even when the network operator has agreed (or is forced by statute, as in the case of local television stations) to carry an unaffiliated programmer, it has the ability to favor its own related programmer (e.g., AOL/Time Warner's Cartoon Network as compared to Disney's Disney Channel) by stripping the interactive features of a rival's video signal (e.g., the ATVEF "triggers").
(18.) ATVEF is a cross-industry group formed by programmers, broadcasters, ITV service providers, hardware makers, and software developers intended to create standard protocols for the delivery of ITV enhancements.
ATVEF was founded by 14 companies including NBC, Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, Intel and Microsoft.
In comparison to other venues, according to one ATVEF specialist, the Italian presentation was better attended than the one held in Geneva, Switzerland.
Los programadores de television estan adoptando rapidamente la especification del ATVEF porque provee una base costo-efectiva para los servicios de data en toda la Red a cualquier receptor (satelite, cable, terrestre, etc.).
Base para el Futuro: Apoyandose en los estandares de la Red, el contenido mejorado de la especificacion del ATVEF provee una base cimentada por la experiencia, en un ambiente de servicio ya sea uni o bidireccional, la especififcacion define la manera en que el program senaliza al receptor para que este reconozca el contenido mejorado y que lo muestre en la pantalla de television.
3) Television of the future will use an Internet-based protocol transmission, like the one proposed by the ATVEF (Advanced Television Enhanced Forum).
ATVEF is a royalty-free license intended to give consumers enhanced (interactive) television programs in the least expensive and most convenient manner possible.
* Foundation for the Future: Relying on Web standards, the ATVEF Enhanced Content Specification provides a foundation cemented by experience.
This means that ATVEF programs can be received over digital-TV sets; analog TV receivers equipped with Web 77-type decoders; and computers.
computer industry and international companies, it is almost certain that ATVEF, or a comparable system, will eventually replace the ATSC and DVB standards, so that the world will have one digital TV protocol open to future upgrades without tendering old systems obsolete.
and Europe, including ATVEF and EBG (in the US.), B-HTML and DAVIC (in Europe), are now rushing to develop an Internet-based universal television protocol that would be platform-independent (i.e., it could be sent from any type of carrier [telephone, over-the-air terrestrial, satellite or cable TV] to any type of receiver [digital-TV set, computer or analog- TV with adapter]) Seepage 43.