ATVRAnnualized Traded Value Ratio (liquidity measurement)
ATVRÁfengis Og Tóbaksverslun Rýkisins (Icelandick State Alcohol and Tobaco Store)
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Some possible solutions can be increasing of the free float of Petrom trough a state secondary public offer, which will considerably increase the ATVR.
5% ATVR C Market accessibility criteria C1 Openness to foreign ownership At least some C2 Ease of capital inflows/outflows At least partial C3 Efficiency of the operational Modest framework C4 Stability of the institutional Modest framework Emerging Developed No Country GNI per requirements capita 25% above the World Bank high income threshold * for 3 consecutive years 3 5 USD 1032 mm USD 2065 mm USD 516 mm USD 1032 mm 15% ATVR 20% ATVR Significant Very high Significant Very high Good and Very high tested Modest Very high * High income threshold for 2011:GNI per capita of USD 12,475 (World Bank, Atlas method) ** Minimum in use for the May 2013 Semi-annual Index Review, updated on semi-annual basis Source: MSCI (11) Chart 2.
In addition, MSCI criteria require four consecutive three-month ATVRs greater than 15 per cent, implying that DU would need to wait another year to be able to meet this requirement," Bokor added.