ATWSAssociation of Third World Studies (Louisiana State University)
ATWSAnti-Theft Warning System (various companies)
ATWSAustralian Tsunami Warning System
ATWSAnticipated Transient Without Scram (nuclear power plant event)
ATWSAutomatic Track Warning System (rail safety)
ATWSAutomatic Track While Scan
ATWSAdditional Temporary Workspace (construction)
ATWSAutomatic Time Window Selection
ATWSAdvanced Tomahawk Weapon System
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As ATWS, the association began its history as an institution in 1991 when, under the newly ratified ATWS constitution, elected officials assumed responsibility for the management of the organization.
A CFA was conducted using AMOS to assess the psychometric properties of the ATWS scale.
Harold Isaacs inviting me to join the newly-established Association of Third World Studies (ATWS).
SFL's strategy with ATWS, and with the rest of its publications, is to hand it out to any students who are sufficiently interested in liberty to stop at a table occupied by SFL advertisements and grab a free book.
The GA subscale was significantly correlated to the ATWS, r (144) = -.346, p < .01; benevolent sexism, r (141) = .329, p < .01; and hostile sexism, r (145) = .302,p < .01.
The THERMIX code has been applied for the simulation of the helium circulator trip ATWS test.
This paper offers a metaphorical linguistic analysis of the tributes that have been paid to Mwalimu (Kiswahili for "Honorable Teacher") Harold Isaacs by members of the African Studies and Research Forum (of which Mwalimu Issacs was a founding member and attended all of its meetings until his death on July 10, 2015)--which is an affiliate organization of the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS) founded by him--via the ASRF listserv (
In October, two more major events will be hosted in Windhoek, the 9th edition of the IWA International Conference on WaterReuse as well as the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS).
Fares between North and South Wales which increased by up to 34% last May but were later reduced after a public outcry will increase by more than ATWs 4.8% average.
RELAP5-MV code can model the coupled characteristic of the RCS and the core for loss of coolant accident and operational transients such as anticipated transients without scram (ATWS), loss of offsite power, loss of feed-water, and loss of flow.
I first met Harold almost twenty years ago at an ATWS conference, the first of many more that I would attend during the subsequent years.