ATWSAssociation of Third World Studies (Louisiana State University)
ATWSAnti-Theft Warning System (various companies)
ATWSAustralian Tsunami Warning System
ATWSAnticipated Transient Without Scram (nuclear power plant event)
ATWSAutomatic Track Warning System (rail safety)
ATWSAutomatic Track While Scan
ATWSAdditional Temporary Workspace (construction)
ATWSAdvanced Tomahawk Weapon System
ATWSAutomatic Time Window Selection
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A CFA was conducted using AMOS to assess the psychometric properties of the ATWS scale.
My only regret was that my home base in California didn't permit me to spend more time with Harold and many of my other ATWS friends and colleagues who I met through him.
Given this strategy, ATWS is not designed like a traditional book or collection of essays.
As ATWS, the association began its history as an institution in 1991 when, under the newly ratified ATWS Constitution, elected officials assumed responsibility for the management of the organization.
He invested in graduate students by creating an award (named for him) to encourage them to attend and present at ATWS conferences.
If it was not so, how can we explain his founding of ATWS in 1983 to become the largest professional organization devoted to the study of the Third World, with branches in Africa and Asia?
The Third World in Perspective program was also critical to the foundational objectives of ATWS which continue to define the organization.
The following thirteen papers were delivered on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at the Thirty-Third Annual Conference of ATWS in Quito, Ecuador.
This is the first time the ATWS summit is hosted on the African continent.
ATWS is now the largest professional Third World Studies organization in the world with a global membership and chapters in South Asia and Africa.
The new and updated delegate exchange programmes provide ATWS delegates the rare opportunity to dive into critical adventure travel topics and trends with their peers.
ATWS had now hosted international conferences in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.