ATXAAir Taxi Association
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com will be demonstrated at booth 3006, hosted by Virginia and ATXA, at the 61st Annual National Business Aviation Association Meeting & Convention (NBAA 2008) which takes place Oct.
com, Virginia has taken a leading role in creating public awareness about on-demand flights from their local airports onward to wherever they need to go," said Joe Leader, president of ATXA "This opens an opportunity for every community airport to have direct flights to hundreds of destinations.
ATXA is an alliance of next-generation air taxi providers that offer direct, on-demand flight service at greatly reduced prices.
I'm honored to serve the Air Taxi Association and the next generation air taxi industry as the ATXA Chairman of the Board.
The ATXA will also work with technology providers and partner companies to create policies that will benefit the emerging industry.
To drive market demand, the ATXA will reach out with tailored consulting services to communities and businesses to help them attract air taxi services to their area.
The Air Taxi Association represents the next evolution in air travel, one that is complementary to our incredible worldwide aviation infrastructure," said Joe Leader, ATXA President.