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ATZAssiut Airport (Egypt)
ATZAerodrome Traffic Zone
ATZAminotetrazole (chemical)
ATZAll Things Zombie (website)
ATZAlumina Toughened Zirconia
ATZAmusing the Zillion (blog)
ATZAtomic Time Zone (software)
ATZAtypical Transformation Zone
ATZAdvo Targeting Zone (Advo, Inc.)
ATZAir Traffic Zone (aviation)
ATZAnal Transitional Zone
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Perlmutter and his colleagues treated an ATZ cell line with carbamazepine and found that it could enhance a natural cellular pathway called autophagy, or self-digestion.
ZAP is calling them ATZs, or All-Terrain ZAPs, part of a new series of off-road electric vehicles.
After merger it filed two cases in 2010 & 2011 respectively against ATZ Labs before National Arbitration Forum, USA (NAF) for transfer of domains (Gibcobrlindia.
Products: Herbicides--Aim EC, Anthem, Anthem ATZ, Authority, BroadAxe, Broadhead, Cadet, Command, Marvel, Obey, Shark EW, and Spartan Charge; insecticides--Capture LFR, Carbine, Chariot, Hero, Mustang, Mustang Maxx.
The lining epithelium of the ATZ is a subject of interest.
Therefore, further studies are needed to examine the potential mechanisms of action of ATZ in amphibians.
Simulation of the corrosion behaviours of stainless steels in automotive exhaust systems, ATZ worldwide Vol.
Rugby cruiserweight Carl Wright has pulled out of his fight with Tony Booth on the big bill at the ATZ Centre next month.
financial statements of ATZ Investments PLC, which are comprised of the
27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Altair continues to narrow the casting simulation gap with its announcement today that Quantech ATZ has joined the Altair Partner Alliance.