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ATZa to Z
ATZAttention Restore
ATZAir Traffic Zone (aviation)
ATZAnal Transitional Zone
ATZAssiut Airport (Egypt)
ATZAerodrome Traffic Zone
ATZAminotetrazole (chemical)
ATZAll Things Zombie (website)
ATZAlumina Toughened Zirconia
ATZAmusing the Zillion (blog)
ATZAtypical Transformation Zone
ATZAtomic Time Zone (software)
ATZAdvo Targeting Zone (Advo, Inc.)
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These aggregates of ATZ accumulate in the liver cells and eventually lead to scarring, or fibrosis, of the organ and set the stage for tumor development," Perlmutter said.
ZAP is calling them ATZs, or All-Terrain ZAPs, part of a new series of off-road electric vehicles.
Approaches for On-board Water Provision for Water Injection," ATZ worldwide 118(1):54-57, 2016.
Measurement of the Aerodynamic Ventilation Drag of Passenger Car Wheels" ATZ / ATZ worldwide, edition 10/2016
Challenges and Potentials of 48 V Starting Systems," ATZ worldwide 115(3):44-48, 2013, doi:10.
Development of an 800-V Electric Car with Rear-Wheel Drive," ATZ Worldwide 114(7-8):40-44, 2012, doi:10.
Product Mgr (Anthem, Anthem ATZ, Cadet): Tim Thompson (timothy.
The tax code exempts construction and installation of tourist facilities in the ATZ from value added tax (VAT).
The lining epithelium of the ATZ is a subject of interest.
ACET, ATZ, CMHC, DBCA, IPP, MMP, OMT, PTU, and 2,4,5-T, were not included because these compounds were detected in < 3% of prenatal samples (DF [less than or equal to] 3%).