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AUAAmerican Urological Association
AUAAustrian Airlines
AUAAgricultural University of Athens (Greece)
AUAAmerican University of Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia)
AUAAssociation of University Administrators (UK)
AUAAustralian Uranium Association (trade association)
AUAAmerican Unitarian Association
AUAAssociation des Universités Africaines (French: Association of African Universities; est. 1967; Ghana)
AUAAcceptable Use Agreement (various organizations)
AUAAssociation of University Anesthesiologists
AUAAmerican Ultrarunning Association
AUAAtelier d'Urbanisme et d'Architecture (French: Planning and Architecture Workshop; est. 1960)
AUAAssociation of University Architects
AUAAruba, Aruba - Reina Beatrix (Airport Code)
AUAAgricultural Use Approval (Michigan)
AUAArchitecture Unifiée d'Applications (French: Unified Architecture Applications; computer applications)
AUAArgonne Universities Association
AUAAssociation des Universités Arabes (French: Association of Arab Universities; Jordan)
AUAAmerica Under Attack
AUAAnother Useless Acronym
AUAAuthorized User Agreement (various organizations)
AUAAir Traffic Control Unit Airspace
AUAAsset Under Administration
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There is now an AUA update on this topic highlighting its importance in urological education and practice.
AUA is now accepting applications for its Summer Service Internship program and is conducting outreach to more than 75 colleges and universities across the United States.
Dr Gopal H Badlani, secretary of the AUA, said: "It is my belief that the first annual AUA Middle East Summit done in combination with the local experts will fulfil a void in training and educational need of the region.
Lufthansa signed a deal last year to acquire the loss-making AUA from the Austrian state holding company OeIAG for a symbolic one euro cent per share -- or just over 366,000 euros (518,000 dollars) in all.
The AUA advises that you make an individualized decision.
Al Jaber agreed with AUA and the carrier's current shareholder, state-ownedA OeIAG, on the purchase of aA stake by way of a capital increase in March.
The AUA Symptom Score is a standardized measurement of BPH symptoms and includes data on 1) sensations of incomplete emptying of the bladder; 2) need to urinate frequently; 3) stopping and starting during urination; 4) urgent need to urinate; 5) weakness of urinary stream; 6) need to push or strain during urination; and 7) urination during sleep (nocturia).
An AUA position pays in the range of $9 to $11 an hour, which represents a 30 percent increase over basic entry level positions for nursing assistants.
The report was produced by the AUA Bladder Cancer Clinical Guidelines Panel, a group of bladder cancer experts that analyzed published outcomes data to assess potential benefits and possible adverse side effects of treatment interventions and developed practice policy recommendations.
Last night, AUA leaders warned the huge upheaval of the funding system could force many universities to spend thousands of pounds taking on extra workers just to deal with the expected piles of paperwork.
For the first three to six months after birth, uncircumcised infants are 10 times more likely to have a urinary tract infection than circumcised babies, according to the AUA.
According to AUA, it is vitally important that all men have access to prostate screening assessment (PSA) surveillance.