AUAAAssumption University Alumni Association (Thailand)
AUAAAmericans United for Affirmative Action
AUAAAtlantic Universities Athletic Association (now Atlantic University Sport; eastern Canada)
AUAAAmerican Urologic Association Allied
AUAAArizona Uniform Arbitration Act
AUAAArchiCAD (Computer-Aided Design) User Association Austria (est. 2001)
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Thank you to Feli Marshall, who invited me to my first AUAA meeting.
The friendship came easily and naturally for the Editors of Urologic Nursing (at the time, named AUAA Journal).
In the spirit of "retrospective review," I want to trace the tremendous growth that has occurred since this journal was first published in 1980 under the title, the American Urological Association Allied Journal (AUAA Journal).
-- British Amb in Egypt (@FCOJohnCasson) auaa aeaeaaaeae aoaaaia British Ambassador in Egypt John Casson tweeted that education is the key to unleash potential and innovation in Egypt, which can provide world's education to new people and places.
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-- aaaaae [euro][bar][euro]*aaaa [euro]*aaaa[euro]yae (@malmarri) auaa [euro]u[euro][bar][euro][euro][cedilla][euro][euro]i aoaaaia* She added, "Qatari media revealed its real intent, which includes lies and allegations.