AUAFAmerican University of Afghanistan Foundation
AUAFAfrican United Action Front (activist group)
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He also thanked the founders of AUAF and all those who made efforts in laying the foundation for this institution.
Then, President of AUAF David S Sedney addressed the students, and said, You are the main part of the American University of Afghanistan and our promise to you is that we will always be with you.
Deputy Minister of Higher Education Babari praised AUAF and MoF efforts for building the capacity of Afghan youth in business administration and other important fields.
Impediments faced in the AUAF library were the lack of trained, experienced library staff and virtually no training opportunities in Afghanistan.
Additionally, the former library director from AUAF, Jim Malone, had joined an Education City university and was also interested in this effort.
PowerCAMPUS will help the small and well-qualified team at AUAF to manage growing administration needs without having to hire additional staff.
The President of AUAF said that the Masters of Business Administration classes will resume starting today so that a clear message is sent to terrorists that Afghans are not intimidated by their attacks and remain determined to build their country with education.
Since inception in 2006, the student strength at the AUAF has increased to 750 in 2011.
Goldman Sachs' "10,000 Women Initiative" provides business and management training to AUAF under-served women entrepreneurs.
Support 20 scholarships to female employees in the Ministry of Finance and other Afghan ministries to complete the MBA program at AUAF.
Provides the Foundation Studies Program (FSP), a college preparatory experience for high school graduates to improve their English reading, speaking, and writing skills to the level needed for admission to AUAF s undergraduate programs.
The Afghanistan Legal Education Project (ALEP) will build on its existing partnership American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) to develop a full, five-year integrated Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree program at AUAF s campus in Kabul, Afghanistan.