AUANAbusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No (Spanish: No Urban Abuses Almanzora; Almanzora, Spain)
AUANAcute Uric Acid Nephropathy
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Gladiolas are corms.Branch collar AuA bulge or flare about one-half inch long at the base of a branch where it meets the trunk or main stem of trees or shrubs.CompostAuA dark mixture of decayed organic material used to enrich soil, usually containing well-aged leaves, woody material, herbaceous green matter and sometimes manure and kitchen scraps.Canopy AuAn overhead covering of trees or man-made structures that works to bring a landscape down to people-size proportions.Container plantsAuPlants propagated and grown in pots, usually transplanted from smaller containers into larger ones.
However, relatively small sample sizes for both AUAN and Chinese American subgroups mean that simple 1-year direct estimates for both have RSEs exceeding the recommended maximum of 30 percent for several health outcomes.
The ballot process is due to last until 20 December, with the Union recommending that members take industrial action in what it says is Auan effort to break the deadlock.Au Unite national officer for aviation Brian Boyd, insisted that any Virgin pay offer should reflect working for the prestigious carrier.
Valdemar", de Edgar AUan Poe; las modificaciones que introdujo a la version de Alfonso Reyes de "The Honour of Israel Glow", de G.K.