AUAPAssociation of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (est. 1995)
AUAPAbridged Universal Amplification Primer (biology)
AUAPAmerican Universities Admission Program (est. 1995; international students)
AUAPAsia University America Program (various locations)
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Following RACE-PCR with primer PF2 and AUAP in this study, an approximately 900 bp product was yielded.
What is AUAP? It is a US based organization that guaranties admissions into US universities through its SELECTION + GUARANTEED ADMISSION PROGRAM (US $2500 ) Since 1995, our international students have been accepted in the most prestigious US universities
AUAP claims the average wage of a foreign graduate six months after graduating is more than pounds 34,000.
Virus-specific primers for 5' rapid amplification of cDNA ends were 5'-ACGCTCAAGCTCATGTCT GA-3' for reverse transcription, 5'-GATGAGCGCTCTG TTTTCAA-3' for the first PCR with UAP (Invitrogen), and 5'-TCAACCTCAACCCAATCGTT-3' for the second PCR with AUAP (Invitrogen).
Then nested PCR was performed using GSP1 and the adaptor primer AUAP (5'-GGC CAC GCG TCG ACT AGT AC-3') for the first round PCR.