AUAPAssociation of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (est. 1995)
AUAPAbridged Universal Amplification Primer (biology)
AUAPAmerican Universities Admission Program (est. 1995; international students)
AUAPAsia University America Program (various locations)
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Please keep in mind that most admissions in the USA are competitive and that AUAP guarantees admissions (80% refund, it happened once in 13 years.
AUAP claims the average wage of a foreign graduate six months after graduating is more than pounds 34,000.
Further distributors will be able to show companies how they can use the AUAP to monitor, control and roll out new applications to their devices, extending the life of their devices.
Virus-specific primers for 5' rapid amplification of cDNA ends were 5'-ACGCTCAAGCTCATGTCT GA-3' for reverse transcription, 5'-GATGAGCGCTCTG TTTTCAA-3' for the first PCR with UAP (Invitrogen), and 5'-TCAACCTCAACCCAATCGTT-3' for the second PCR with AUAP (Invitrogen).