AUASIAmerican Urological Association Symptom Index
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AUASI questionnaire includes seven questions to query the presence of a possible irritative (frequency, urgency, and nocturia) and obstructive (incomplete emptying, decrease in flow rate, and straining) urinary symptoms.
Furthermore, there was a positive correlation between AUASI measurements and HAD anxiety scores (anxiety was increased with increasing LUTS) (p<0.
Similarly, the proportion of men who achieved a minimal (3-point) decrease in AUASI score over time was 42.
Between baseline and 72 weeks, mean AUASI scores decreased from 14.
Key Findings: Both groups had a small decrease in AUASI score during the 12-month study period--0.
The patients in both groups had small, equivalent decreases in AUASI scores during the study period (saw palmetto, 0.
The 95% confidence interval for the change (or lack thereof) in AUASI was only 1 point on a 35-point scale, so it is unlikely that the study failed to detect a clinically meaningful improvement because of lack of sample size.