AUASSArab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences
AUASSAmerican Urological Association Symptom Score (urology)
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10%) of the patients had burning micturition along with urinary complaints included in AUASS.
81%) had prostatic weight in range of 41-60 grams and belongs to moderate AUASS group.
USG (grams) Prostatic Prostatic Specimen Specimen (grams) 1 80 70 Hard 2 50 47 Firm 3 56 50 Hard Table XVII: Correlation Between AUASS Grades in Different Series Sl.
To date, no comorbidity has been shown to have predictive value and no chief lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) complaint (CLC) has been implicated as a driving factor in AUASS.
Methods: Prospective evaluation of men with LUTS, completing AUASS and CLC survey at two consecutive visits.
Results: Predictors of AUASS are BMI and age (adjusted R2 7.
AUASS was established in August 1998 to develop astronomy and space sciences in the Arab countries through conferences, joint research projects and cooperation with international concerned bodies.