AUCFZArgentine Uruguayan Common Fishing Zone
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The results presented herein are the first systematic estimate of marine mammal annual bycatch for the bottom trawl fishery operating in the AUCFZ and the Uruguayan EEZ.
As major spawning and nursery grounds exist the La Plata River Estuary in the AUCFZ and in the Los Patos Lagoon Estuary in southern Brazil it is not likely that intense fishing in any of these regions lead to the collapse of the fishery in the other.
Based on the literature, biological data were separated into two groups according to their origin: a northern group between 34[degrees]-38[degrees]S corresponding to the Argentinean-Uruguayan Common Fishing Zone (AUCFZ) and a southern group between 38[degrees]-41[degrees]S, in El Rincon (Diaz de Astarloa, 2002).