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Some studies [18-20] reported that corneal nerve fibers stained with AuCl remarkably decreased following neonatal treatment with a sensory neurotoxin, capsaicin.
A similar pattern and density in the rat corneal stromal CGRPir nerves to those stained with NsAchE or AuCl suggested that majority of corneal stromal NsAchE (+) nerves are also CGRP-ir [22].
An important decision of the Supreme People's Court has supplemented the AUCL. In 2006, the Supreme People's Court issued the "Interpretation on Certain Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Civil Cases Involving Unfair Competition" (2007 SPC Interpretation).
Note that of the measures set forth above, a written confidentiality agreement is alone sufficient to satisfy the requirement that the trade secrets owner has taken "confidentiality measures" to protect the trade secret as required by Article 10 of the AUCL. The 2007 SPC Interpretation also confirmed that customer lists can qualify as trade secrets, (94) and a trade secret that is obtained through independent development or reverse engineering is lawful and does not constitute a violation of the AUCL.
In addition to the AUCL, several other laws apply to trade secrets.
For example, article 6 of the AUCL prohibits abusive behavior only by public utilities, and the M&A Rules regulate only foreign investors' merging or acquiring domestic enterprises; the M&A Rules do not regulate mergers among domestic enterprises.
In fact, following the promulgation of the AUCL in 1993, an antimonopoly law was placed on the legislative agenda of the 8th, the 9th and the 10th NPCs.
The anti-monopoly jurisdiction of SAIC originated from the AUCL. As mentioned above, the AUCL prohibits both unfair trade practices and anticompetitive behavior.