AUCXAudit Connection
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Brain coronal sections were incubated with primary antibodies for the immunodetection of doublecortin(DCX-) positive cells or activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein- (Arc-) positive cells in the dentate gyrus (DG), prefrontal cortex (PFC), and auditory cortex (AuCx).
In addition, Arc-positive cells were quantified in the PFC (bregma +2.10 mm to +1.78 mm) and in the AuCx (bregma -1.70 to -3.64) of six coronal sections per animal in areas of 0.264 [+ or -] 6.98 (PFC) or 221 [+ or -] 4.45 (AuCx) [[mu].sup.2].
First, to know whether adult male Balb/C mice were able to perceive the auditory stimuli used in the present study, animals were exposed to PAS to further quantify Arc-positive cells in the AuCx (Figure 1(a)).
Finally, we corroborated the capability of mice to perceive PAS during the behavioral test via Arc-labeling in the AuCx (Figure 7).
Overall, we found that mice housed in NH or ENR conditions in the presence or absence of PAS during housing but exposed to PAS during FST showed the higher number of Arc-positive cells corresponding to the intense category in the AuCx (p < 0.001).
In this sense, it has been recently reviewed that the AuCx connects and underlies some functions of the PFC [61].
Next, rodents were exposed to PAS during six minutes and sacrificed two hours after PAS exposure to analyze Arc expression in the auditory cortex (AuCx).