AUDADISAlcohol Use Disorder and Associated Disabilities Interview Schedule
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The AUDADIS and the CIDI are fully structured, meaning that the questions are asked exactly as worded in the interview schedule.
A community sample of heavier-than-average drinkers (n = 962) assessed with the AUDADIS by nonclinicians (Hasin et al.
national survey of household residents (n = 42,862) assessed with the AUDADIS by nonclinicians (Grant 1996)
1997b) that included a substudy of subjects assessed with the AUDADIS administered by nonclinicians (n = 495), a substudy of the CIDI administered by non-clinicians (n = 288), and a substudy of the SCAN administered by clinicians (n = 287) (Ustun et al.
Two studies from the WHO/NIH joint project also compared joint assessments of a single classification system on the same patients as made by the AUDADIS, CIDI, and SCAN.