AUDELORAgence d'Urbanisme et de Développement Economique du Pays de Lorient (French: Planning and Economic Development Agency of Lorient)
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Main features: Boat Show from 3 to 11 December 2016 to Paris.Groupement control between Lorient Agglomeration, Brest Mtropole Ocane and Britain Innovation.Lorient Agglomeration Development, BMO, Saint-Malo and BDI will occur on the same space at the Salon Nautique on a total island stand of 290 square meters approximately 19x15m (), divided as follows: - (20m for BDI 5x4m) - 50m for Lorient agglomeration - 10m to (AUDELOR home businesses in the Greater Lorient) - 50m for Brest Mtropole- 60m to (Saint-Malo city and) rental companies - 100m for a common area partageLe credit allocated to this operation by the community shall be a maximum amount of 122,400 euro s () VAT.
The new phone system for: The new building approximately 300 to 350 IP phones; site of audelor approximately 35 IP phones; site aet of about 35 IP phones and Technellys between 20 and 30 IP phones; Existing potentially other sites, existing systems, a brief description is presented below: A network of ten Alcatel 4400 PBX connected fiber, optical and shared with the city of Lorient.