AUDFSAuburn University Detection and Food Safety (Alabama)
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Answers to questions 1-3 show that most students were satisfied with the AUDFS.
Answers to Question 4 show that most students felt that the AUDFS is a practical auxiliary tool for identifying learning weaknesses.
Answers to Question 5 show that the AUDFS identified weaknesses.
Answers to questions 6 and 7 show that the AUDFS benefited learning new concepts, understanding the learning scope, and correlation among units.
When investigating whether the AUDFS stimulated students to spend time in their daily life or before the posttest (questions 8 and 9), some said they reviewed in daily life, while some admitted that they reviewed only before the posttest.
Question 10 obtained the highest score, directly reflecting the fact that the students in the AUDFS class felt that the overall system significantly improved learning.
Experiment results show that the AUDFS is conducive to learning subsequent units.
Thus, in the future, this study will further verify whether the self-regulation level of a student significantly influences his/her learning behavior and learning achievement in the AUDFS.