AUDIXAudio Information Exchange
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Since the Intuity AUDIX system does not have trending capabilities, Haenel and her staff spent a good deal of time researching and pulling subscriber usage and growth data into spreadsheets for analysis.
Lucent's proposal -- featuring its INTUITY AUDIX Multimedia Messaging System -- met all district demands.
Through the INTUITY AUDIX Multimedia Messaging System, Lucent provided a whole list of innovative applications.
Students who are ill can e-mail tests directly to their teacher's INTUITY AUDIX mailbox.
0 is a major new release that, in addition to support of the Avaya S3400 message server, offers feature enhancements applicable to the Octel 200/300, Octel 250/350, and Intuity AUDIX product lines.
In combination with the DEFINITY system, INTUITY AUDIX voice messaging lets NBC staff members keep up with time-critical information from any Olympic venue by dialing into their mailbox from a wireless, cellular or hard-wired connection.
The servers, along with INTUITY AUDIX messaging, will support approximately 700 staff members and will be networked back to NBC's New York headquarters in Rockefeller Center.
Unimax Systems Corporation, the leading developer of configuration management software, announced today that Avaya Communication (formerly the Enterprise Networks Group of Lucent Technologies) will include Mailbox Manager(TM) software (MBM) in shipments of its Intuity(TM) AUDIX MAP 40 and 100 voice and fax message servers.
This functionality is now included with every new INTUITY AUDIX, DEFINITY(r) AUDIX, Octel(r) 200/300 and Octel(r) 250/350 message server.
In addition, INTUITY AUDIX systems now include e-mail integration capabilities and a start-up kit for the Voice Director system, a speech recognition application that enables users to address messages and dial phone numbers using spoken names.