AUDUAgrupación Universitaria Del Uruguay (Spanish: Grouping University of Uruguay)
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Audus Noble recognises the importance of a website such as this in the packaging market, making it easier for buyers to locate products, access information and to feel confident to purchase packaging products online.
Two previous studies have pointed out that a proton-coupled MCT was involved in the uptake of VPA on the brush-border membrane (Utoguchi and Audus 2000; Ushigome et al.
Audus has customers across many markets and its work includes the mass production of jars for food, toiletries and medicines.
Basildon-based Dines Plastics' hi-tech plant and workforce of 46 will add to Audus Noble's capabilities and product ranges.
Keith Stephenson, managing director of Audus Noble Ltd, said: "Dines Plastics has a complementary product range to ours.
He had been working overtime at his home town's Audus Noble factory as a trainee technician to save the money.
Developer Terrace Hill has proposed the development of Blyth Valley Retail Park on the site of the Audus Noble factory on Cowpen Road.
Blyth-based Audus Noble, with 75 staff, has acquired family-owned company Dines Plastics, with 46 staff, to create a company with combined sales approaching pounds 10m.
Audus Noble was established more than 40 years ago and its 80,000sqft plant in Blyth is seen as one of the best in Europe.
The combined businesses of Audus Noble and Dines Plastics will see the companies become one of the UK's largest manufacturers of PET plastic jars.
Plans for an 85,000 sq ft retail unit on the site of the former Audus Noble factory in Cowpen Road, Blyth, are set to be given the backing of Blyth Valley councillors next week.
Enormous support has been provided by large and small companies such as Nissan, Procter and Gamble, Domnick Hunter, Thorn Lighting, Audus Noble and E&F Composites.