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AUESAuckland University Engineering Society (New Zealand)
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The mean maximum effect ([E.sub.max]) and area under the drug-liking curve (AUE) for 0-1, 2, 8, 12, and 24 hours ([AUE.sub.0-1], [AUE.sub.0-2], [AUE.sub.0-8], [AUE.sub.0-12], and [AUE.sub.0-24]) were calculated [18].
Littell's unfortunate task, brilliantly rendered, was to bring us in nauseating detail the embodiment of Ivan's nightmares--not a crazy man but a "hero of his time." If there are no Aues walking the earth today, let us take steps to ensure he never returns to plague our children and grandchildren.
22) Let hym ete thys ijii hostes in thre days ffastyng & segge iij patris & iii aues (A).
Ay en ella muchos Venados y Guadaquinajes, y otras salvaginas, y muchas aues. Y en el gran valle de Cali, con ser muy fertil, estan las vegas y los llanos con su yerua desiertas; y no dan prouecho sino a los venados y a otros animales que los passean porque los Christianos no son tantos, que puedan ocupar tan grandes companas
Strophe IV Amanda uirtus, magistri Negat et abnuit curam: Sine fraude, sine et artibus Excurrit in campum equus; Canis nemora rimans- que uenaticus Prensat, haustibus hians Notis, sine dolo feras Latibulis iam quoque Cubantes; nec opera Docentis canunt Per agros amictae Pennis aues; neque sonum Amabilem citharae Antistrophe Eburneae temperas tu, Nisi duce et magistro te Tibi, Petre.
Smith (1981) derived Allen-Uzawa elasticities of substitution (AUES) for a cost-minimizing firm subject to rate-of-return regulation.
In De contemptu mundi, as its modern editor has noted, the sentence "Concoloribus plumis aues vna volitant" is a translation of the proverb "Vogelen van eender veer vllgen gern tsamen" ("Birds of a feather flock together").(37) In Lingua "Vasa quae sunt inania plurimum sonare" is the proverb "Ledighe vaten clincken seer," or, in its modern version, "Holle vaten klinken het meest" ("Empty vessels make the most sound" .31, In the Adagia the presence of the vernacular is particularly strong, as Suringar has demonstrated.