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AUFAqua Utilities Florida, Inc.
AUFArbeitsunfähigkeit (German: Disability, Incapacity to Work)
AUFAngeles University Foundation (Philippines)
AUFAgence Universitaire de la Francophonie
AUFAsociación Uruguaya de Fútbol (Uruguay Soccer Federation)
AUFAgent Under Fire (James Bond video game)
AUFAirborne Use of Force (US Coast Guard)
AUFAvailable University Fund (Texas)
AUFAfrican Unification Front
AUFAd Usum Fabricae (Latin: free)
AUFAirborne Uninhabited Fighter
AUFAgence Universitaires de la Francophonie (French: University Agency Francophony)
AUFArbeiderenes Ungdomsfylking (Norwegian political youth party)
AUFAfrica University Fund
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UTS policies provide for an annual distribution to the AUF which is less than the 7% constitutional limit, which policy targets 4.
UTS' approximately $549 million share of the fiscal 2016 AUF covered UTS's debt service in that year by a solid 4.
For fiscal 2008, the distribution to the AUF from the PUF totaled $464.
The constitutional provision limits the aggregate amount of PUF obligations, including bonds, flexible rate notes (none currently outstanding) and CP draws, secured by TAMUS' AUF share, to no more than 10% of the cost value of PUF investments and other assets (exclusive of PUF land).
The auditor should also propose some general guidelines for the choice of our next financial information system, in particular in the form of a bribe on the organizational and technical solutions chosen by some organizations comparable to the AUF.
the A&M System's non-PUF resources are key to the FRN's short-term credit quality, even though the PUF and AUF provide ultimate support for the FRN's long-term and short-term ratings.
The PUF annually distributes funds to the AUF for bond and note debt service, as well as university needs, with two-thirds of the distribution amount constitutionally appropriated to UT and the remaining one-third to The Texas A&M University System.
Effective in fiscal year 2003, UT will increase the percentage of PUF net assets distributed to the AUF annually from 4.
The Constitution was amended in 1999 to permit distributions from the PUF to the AUF based on the total return on all investment assets of the PUF in accordance with the spending policy established by the University of Texas System Board of Regents; however, the Constitution dictates that the amount distributed to the AUF in a fiscal year must not be less than the amount needed to pay the principal and interest due in that fiscal year on all notes and bonds payable from the AUF.
ADBs support to AUF will also give smaller businesses and microenterprises better access to capital, allowing them to unlock their potential and create much-needed jobs.
Dabei bleibt die grundlegende Struktur erhalten: Das irreduzible Andere, das aufs engste mit dem Subjekt verknupft ist, verhindert das vollendete Selbstsein, gleichwohl ermoglicht es erst den Aufbau einer sinnhaften Beziehung.