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AUFIAmericans United for Israel
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Al Aufi added that each country has its own policies.
Al Aufi congratulated Bank Muscat for the success achieved by the unique Green Sports CSR programme.
Sadiduddin Muhammad ibn Muhammad Aufi Bukharaei" is the descendant of "Abdurrahman bin Auf" of the Companions of Prophet (s).
barrels per day) over the same five-year period, Aufi revealed.
Over the next two to three years, the aviation business in Oman will change completely, I'm absolutely certain," Al Aufi said.
In this phase, the presence of aircraft on the ground at Adam will not be critical to the operation of the academy, according to al Aufi.
Al Aufi said a new cargo facility has also been envisaged at the airport, which will have a capacity to handle 60,000 tonnes a year.
2+] This indicated that the recognition of an ARE by AUFi is not solely dependent on RNA sequence, but maybe influenced by higherorder RNA structures near the binding site.
An active member of the ICV committee chaired by Salim Al Aufi (Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas);
Salim bin Nasser Al Aufi, undersecretary at the Ministry of Oil and Gas, had said earlier that Total withdrew from the exploration project after failing to make commercially attractive discoveries.
Because of some problems we faced in the year, because of the condensate, we haven't been able to produce all the amounts we expected," Undersecretary Salim Nasser Said Al Aufi told reporters at the ministry's annual media briefing.
The electrical room has energy saving equipment and the bulbs are LED," said Haitham al Aufi, team captain for construction.