AUGHAcute Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage
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"Augh!" sighed he, "were we only on the other side the Alps, then we should have summer, and I could get my letters of credit cashed.
Down and out of the storm and into the pearly light of morning, another beautiful day and augh there it was again: the Bronx all solid and sullen from being the same today as yesterday, full of itself with lumpish Yankee fullness, the bricks coinciding with themselves and braced against all comers.
The woman who was looking after the baby, Mary Barton, who is originally from Bedfordshire, has been charged with involuntary man s augh t e r.
Game for ALL AUGH Greg and Ford, main, and as Jack and Victor, left
It did contain meat not pork, nor was it horse, and not g "At this mom to identify ex this meat ca Nutrition added: terrifying of the m what is come fr s l augh " Nutritionist Surinder Phull added: "It's absolutely terrifying because if it isn't any of the meats we know, well what is it?
Dear old Monty - he may never know how much wel augh at him, nor how much we admire his ticker for standing firm when defeat stares him in the face.
h augh fac It would have stopped Craig laughing in Lisa Riley's face last Sunday night.
W h y d o e s Wa y n e Rooney smile and joke and l augh in United red, but scowl and brood for England?
But as my mam told me when I was a kid, those who laugh last, augh loudest.