AUGIEACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) User Group Information Exchange (insurance standards)
AUGIEAugmented Data Wing
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AUGIE participants come from independent agencies and brokerages, regional and multinational carriers, solution providers and associations.
AUGIE has already been increasing its efforts to encourage existing group participants to bring other colleagues to panels and events.
At the same time AUGIE has been working to build its ranks of participants from within the insurance industry, it has also expanded its reach beyond agencies, brokerages, and carriers to include vendors, consultants, and media in its communities.
The group has moved from having teams where information flow was limited to those teams to the new AUGIE Community where anyone can follow activities and work in progress.
Despite the benefits of commercial download, there is resistance to using it--and AUGIE seeks to understand why.
Bearing in mind that most respondents to the AUGIE survey were boomers, 22 percent still use snail mail, 21 percent faxes, and 24 percent use the phone.
In addition to advocating for these industry priorities, both ACT and AUGIE will put greater focus on achieving successful industry implementations of the recommendations that come out of our groups," says Cal Durland, ACORD director of member relations and AUGIE facilitator.
The ACT and AUGIE leadership will continue to meet quarterly and review the progress on these industry priorities.
In her role as the ACORD facilitator for AUGIE (ACORD-User Group Information Exchange--www.
CAROLYN DURLAND, CPCU, market development manager and AUGIE facilitator, ACORD
According to a recent AUGIE survey, 63% of respondents strongly agree that it will help with quoting functions, while 51% strongly believe it has value in issuance.
We could also use volunteers on AUGIE and ACORD working groups.