AUGSAmerican Urogynecologic Society
AUGSAntioch Upper Grade School (Antioch, IL)
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The FPRN groups meet twice annually: The FPMRS group meets at AUGS and SGS, and the FMIGS group meets at AAGL and SGS.
1, 2014, coding edits in the face of the continued opposition led by AUGS.
Logistic regression analysis revealed that AUGS members were 3.
Our professional society leadership and volunteer committees, especially from AUGS, have done a tremendous amount of work in assisting with the FDA-required 522 postmarket surveillance study research design; establishing a Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry (http://www.
The AUGS task force also had objected to the bundling of a group of codes that, in the society's opinion, were distinctly unrelated, such as a laparoscopic hysterectomy or vaginal hysterectomy combined with a sacral colpopexy performed through an open abdominal incision.
The medical and product enhancements we are presenting at AUGS will help further the women's pelvic health industry and challenge current 'gold standard' treatments.
Tri-anim launches the ContaSure[TM] branded line at the 2007 AUGS (American Urogynecological Society) in Hollywood, Florida (September 27-29) and will be featuring the female single incision Needleless Sling and the female Adjustable Sling Systems at booth 100.
ACOG and AUGS, with input from other medical societies, are in discussions with the National Correct Coding Initiative, or CMS, to reverse the edits
ACOG, AUGS, SGS, and AAGL are arguing vehemently as this article is going to press to ensure that these damaging bundles are rescinded.
Interestingly, AAGL, ACOG, SGO, and AUGS all reached the same conclusion: All existing methods of tissue extraction have benefits and risks that must be balanced.
Nager, who is president of AUGS and a member of ACOG's subcommittee on urogynecology of the Committee on Gynecologic Practice, which was involved in drafting the guidelines.
She has also been involved since inception with the AUGS Registry Committee on the development of the Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry (PFDR).