AUGSAmerican Urogynecologic Society
AUGSAntioch Upper Grade School (Antioch, IL)
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Geoffrey Cundiff, MD, who is AUGS president, told the committee that there are lessons to be gleaned from the CARE trial, which looked at outcomes up to 7 years after abdominal sacrocolpopexy (JAMA.
The 5' Untranslated Region (5' UTR) is located upstream of the start codon (AUG), and plays crucial roles in regulating transcription and translation of related mRNAs (8).
IF YOU OPENED YOUR 1984 EDITION OF GUN DIGEST and instantly fell in love with the Steyr AUG, pictured there for the first time, you are not alone.
The Steyr AUGs are a piston-operated bullpup and the ammo worked fine for them.
Data from the AUGS Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry are pending, and these data, which will provide long-term outcomes, may alter the present recommendations.
Regions Devant un imposant parterre d'intervenants et de partenaires, le ministre de l'habitat, de l'urbanisme et de la politique de la ville, Mohamed Nabil Benabdallah, a appele, recemment, a la mutualisation de tous les efforts afin d'absorber les problematiques en suspens, au cote de l'agence urbaine de Guelmim Smara (AUGS).
Like earlier AUGs, the A3 Ml maintains the designs famous quick-change barrel and foldable forward grip.
The original select-fire AUGs had a very unusual progressive trigger--pull it a little and it's semi auto, pull it farther back and the full auto fun begins.
A far future move is to transfer from ROVs to AUGs. The most prominent advantage of this independent thus making them more dynamic.
geschlossnen Augs den Weg herauf / das Schweigen uber ihrem Angesicht /
Demokratiniu tautu palankuma valdzios centralizacijai Tocqueville'is aiskina dar ir del isigalejusio individualizmo, kuri laiko demokratijos pasekme ir kuris augs kartu su visuomenes nariu lygybe.
In response to some of these concerns, we have witnessed a resurgence of integrative approach model-building enterprises designed to enlarge the theological and philosophical bases (e.g., McMinn, 2008), theoretical and clinical bases (e.g., Hathaway, 2009; Malony & Augs burger, 2007; McMinn & Campbell, 2007; Tan, 2011; Yarhouse & Sells, 2008), spiritual formation bases (e.g., Coe & Hall, 2010b), and finally a call for a solid empirical bases (Worthington, 2010) for a Christian clinical psychology.