AUICAustralasian User Interface Conference
AUICArea Under the Inhibitory Curve (medical measurement)
AUICAssociation of United Internet Consumers
AUICActive Duty Unit Identification Code (US DoD)
AUICArea Under Incremental Curve (biochemistry)
AUICAtlantic University Improvisation Challenge
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Their conclusion was that higher AUIC ratios may be necessary to achieve clinical cure in hospital-acquired pneumonia.
With regard to the concentration-dependent antibiotics, optimising the AUIC of fluoroquinolones reduced the development of resistance and was more likely to eradicate the pathogen.
40] From murine AUC/MIC colistin data, it is estimated that an AUIC of total colistin of 60 is the average achieved without exceeding the dose recommended in the package insert (10 MU), particularly where CLcr is >70 mL/min.
Both T>MIC and AUIC values are directly dependent on the MIC value, and dosing should be optimised according to these values.
2 34 Streptococcus pneumoniae Fluoroquinolone MIC (c) Cmax:MIC AUIC Ciprofloxacin 2 1.
FMCC was merged with and into FMIC effective July 1, 2011 and the group's remaining four members--FMIC, AUIC, VIC and VSIC--have become members of the C&F Group.