AUISAndrew User Interface System
AUISAuckland University Islamic Society
AUISAmerican University of Iraq Sulaimani (Sulaimani, Iraq)
AUISAccess Unlimited Internet Services (Michigan)
AUISAston University Islamic Society (United Kingdom)
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Vakarineje parko dalyje--ryUki simetrijos aUis. Pietryciu kryptimi einanti privaPiavimo aleja ikomponuota tarp dvieju nedideliu tvenkiniu ir baigiama kilpa prieUais klasicizmo stiliaus rumus esanti laUo formos parteri.
(4) The aorto-uni-iliac (AUI) configuration with a femoro-femoral bypass graft (FFBP) appears to be a good alternative in these patients, and can improve patient eligibility by a further 20%.
He then takes the lead in discussion of policy and usually gets his way 'par la deference que l'on a pour ses auis, sur tout quand on est persuade qu'il est intelligent & verse dans les affaires, & qu'il a du credit aupres des Grands'.
Vertegaal] discuss work at Queen's University and MIT toward AUIs that employ subtle turn-taking techniques to optimize user interactions with groups of computing devices.
The king, for example, asks about the gait of his conversant's horse: 'Emble il bien, come vus est auis?', but the jongleur jumps on the meaning of the transitive verb embler rather than the intransitive verb, and answers the king as if he were asking about the horse's ability as a thief: 'Yl ne fust vnqe de larcyn pris; Tant com ou moi ad este Ne fut mes de larcyn proue.' (fol.
(26.) An interesting exception is the non-classical proverb "E cantu dignoscitur auis," which is the subject of Adagia 3121, ASD, 2,7; "Refertur et hoc a quibusdam," says Erasmus, "etiam si mihi nondum apud idoneos autores [i.e.
In order to test the practicality of AUIs and of their automatic generation by a UIMS, the GUIDE (Graphic User Interface Design Environment) system was implemented [13].