AUJSAustralasian Union of Jewish Students
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The suspect also said that he didnt knew Auj and he used to receive the murder orders from outside Pakistan.
Table 7: "Do you regard yourself as a Zionist?" by age group, Australia 18-34 35-49 50-64 65-74 75+ Yes 76% 80% 85% 81% 78% Source: Gen08 survey Table 8: "Do you regard yourself as a Zionist?" by religious identification, Australia Ultra/strictly Modern "Traditional" Conservative Orthodox Orthodox Yes 80% 93% 88% 88% Progressive Secular Yes 76% 66% Source: Gen08 survey Table 9: Israel-experience correlated with selected questions, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, aged 18-34 Question and response Never Taglit- AUJS been to Birthright Achshav Israel (10 days) (2 weeks) Being Jewish is 'a central 13% 42% 27% element of my life' How important is being 35% 69% 61% Jewish in your life today?
"This decision, which confirms AUJs previous concerns, came at a particular time marked by progress in the democratic transformation of the Sudan, following the April 2010 general elections, and renewed efforts towards the completion of the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), including the holding of the self-determination referendum in South Sudan and negotiations on post-referendum arrangements, as well as towards the search for a lasting and inclusive political solution to the crisis in Darfur" Ping said.