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AUMAssets Under Management
AUMAuburn University Montgomery
AUMAudio Module
AUMAdobe Update Manager
AUMAnimal Unit Month (forage)
AUMAbandoned Uranium Mine (various locations)
AUMAtlanta Union Mission (Atlanta, GA)
AUMAir-to-Underwater Missile
AUMAll USA Meeting (annual yoga conference)
AUMActivités Universitaires en Mécanique (French: Academic Activities in Mechanics)
AUMAlternate Unit of Measure
AUMAsset Utilization Model
AUMArbitrary Unit of Mass
AUMAdaptive User Model
AUMAutomatic Canteen Company of America (NYSE symbol, now delisted)
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Instead, AUM supporters assert they are on "the same side of the table" as investors.
This identity of interest from AUM fees isn't found in any other financial services relationships.
Notwithstanding the potential pressure to unbundle, though, a look at the landscape of the financial services industry suggests that, if anything, the trend remains toward, not away from, AUM fees.
They are on death row after being convicted of involvement in a series of crimes committed by AUM Shinrikyo cult members, including the 1995 sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway system that killed 13 people and injured thousands.
This means that Aum is not only a chant that represents the whole of the expressed universe, it's also the vehicle, when heard internally, through which material life is transported to the spiritual realm.
Like many other religious groups, Aum Shinrikyo participated in the Japanese quest for human freedom in an increasingly materialized society yet with dissipating economic promises.
Because of the complaints, officials requested permission to inspect the building's interior, but Aum Shinrikyo members refused.
Eight years after Japan tried to use a sledgehammer to pound the Aum nail, Mori's films may convince the country to examine the subsequent damage.
The ruling found that Niimi conspired with AUM founder Shoko Asahara, 47, in the cases.
Aum Shinrikyo originated in the religious search of a partially blind man, Shoko Asahara (b.
On March 20, 1995, several teams of Aum Shinrikyo sect members released aqueous solutions containing highly toxic sarin gas in five Tokyo subway lines during morning rush hour.
In general, most of the reasons students did not return to AUM were things over which AUM has no control.