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AUMAAdult Use of Marijuana Act (California)
AUMAAusstellungs- und Messe-Ausschuss (Berlin, Germany)
AUMAAlberta Urban Municipal Association (Canada)
AUMAAssociation of Urban Municipalities of Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
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Medical reports at the hospital indicate that Abuu suffered a ruptured appendix and his condition continues to deteriorate even after an emergency surgery was performed on him last week.Speaking at the hospital shortly after meeting the victim's family on Wednesday, Muhuri Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma condemned the beating, terming it as pure police brutality.
You cannot kill and dump bodies in a thicket and go scot free,' Auma said.
It aches our hearts that things suddenly went silent, but we hope justice will finally be done and her killers will be made to pay for their sins," Ms Auma said.
Even if water does get in, AUMA says its double seal makes sure that it can't reach the electronic heart of the device, and the leakage tester makes it easy to check that the electrical connection is properly sealed.
Auma had earlier said some other families were forced to sign affidavits declaring that they would not take part in the postmortem of dead relatives.
The fundamental right to life is guaranteed by the Constitution," added Mr Auma.
The safety function of AUMA's SIL actuators can be configured with different seating criteria, including forced limit or torque seating to protect the mechanical integrity of the valve.
Auma also said police appear defensive yet the probe has not reached the substantive stage.
We call on government to transfer all OCSs who fail to curb killings in their areas of jurisdiction," Mr Auma said.
When visitors trickled in after she was blessed with Sinak Maline, Auma felt that they just wanted to see the cleft lip on the baby's mouth.