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AUMCAldersgate United Methodist Church (varoius locations)
AUMCArea Under the First Moment Curve
AUMCAuburn United Methodist Church (Auburn, Michigan)
AUMCArlington United Methodist Church (Virginia)
AUMCAverage Unit Manufacturing Cost
AUMCArvada United Methodist Church (Arvada, CO)
AUMCAntioch United Methodist Church (Rock Hill, SC)
AUMCAssociated Urban Management Consultants (city exploration hobbyist group; Canada)
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The following pharmacokinetic equations were used for different calculations: Dose=Cl x AUC Cl = Dose/AUC; AUMC = MRT x AUC; Dose = VDss X AUC2 AUMC; VD=Dose/Kel x AUC VD = Dose/concentration measured in plasma;VDss= Cl x MRT
Where, AU C = Area under the curve, CL = Clearance, MRT = Mean residence time and AUMC =Area under the first moment curve.
The ratio of AUMC over AUC was used as a measure of the "persistence" of increased concentrations of the marker.
The study included all preschool children who came to the AUMC for surgery and who met the following criteria for inclusion: children 3 to 6 years old, Arabic speaking, mentally and physically capable of participating in the study, admitted at least one day prior to surgery, and not admitted for hospitalization within the past year.