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Wykorzystanie analizy dyskryminacyjnej w przewidywaniu bankructwa przedsiybiorstw (w:) AUNC, Ekonomia XXV, Z.
Fro riche Romulus to Rome ricchis hym swye, With gret bobbaunce at bur3e he bigvs vpon fyrst, And ncucncs hit his aunc nome, as hit now hat; Tirius to Tuskan and teldes higynnes, Langabcrde in Lumbardie lyfres up homes (Next, great Romulus moves quickly to Rome / and with great pride he founded that city, I and gave it his own name, which it still has today; / then, Tirius goes to Tuscany and builds dwellings, / while Langaberde constructs homes in Lombardy) (Tolkien, Gordon, & Davis 1967, 8-12).