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AUNISAssociation des Utilisateurs de Nomenclatures nationales et Internationales dans le domaine de la Santé
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Civil Justice in Seigneurial Tribunals in Aunis and Saintonge
Stated succinctly, seigneurial justice was slow, expensive, and therefore often inaccessible to rural inhabitants of Aunis and Saintonge.
The marshal's intention, after sweeping Calvinist garrisons from Saintonge and Poitou, was to besiege Marans in the swamps of Aunis, just to the north of La Rochelle, as the capstone to restoring royal control over the region.
Throughout the provinces of Aunis and Saintonge surrounding La Rochelle, the laity treated Catholic clergy reservedly, not only as potent intermediaries with heaven, but also as potentially dangerous sorcerers easily capable of using spells to kill farm animals, to conjure up plagues of locusts, and to unleash disastrous hailstorms.
However residents of provinces on the French mid-Atlantic coast (Normandy, Poitou, Aunis, Saintonge, and Angoumois) manifested exceptional dread of priestly hexes that rendered new grooms impotent and new households discordant.
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Insurance service market for the Community Aunis South Commons.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: energy supply market and operation and maintenance of heating and hot water collective health of residences: aunis and saintonge, monod, grand monarque, saint-romain.
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