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2012) who reported a reduction in disease progression by the inhibition of the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) activity with administration of AuNPs in the early stages of OA in mice.
Sfntese e imobilizacao de AuNPs em fibras regeneradas na exaustao para potencial aplicacao biomedica.
AuNPs were prepared by citrate reduction method describe earlier (18).
AuNPs were conjugated with thiol modified oligo probes following the protocol reported earlier (19).
Bonding of probe to gene target increases the net negative charge on AuNPs as compare to non-binding of AuNPs-probe to non-complementary sequence, thus lead to stabilization of AuNPs (red colour) as compare to non-binding stage leading to aggregation (blue colour) on decreasing the pH with addition of HCl.
Different sizes of AuNPs promote anticancer activity via distinct mechanisms.
In addition, AuNPs induced cancer activity via several mechanisms, such as phytothermal ablation, mechanical damage, and delivery of anticancer agents (tumor necrosis factor or doxorubicin), with minimal injury to healthy cells [131].
In this study, AuNPs of 2 different diameters in connection with biotin-streptavidin linkage were used together for the development of an LFIA device to detect 2 model protein analytes, hs-cTnI and Myo, through a modified sandwich strategy (Fig.
Thus, 2 characteristic red bands were observed for the accumulation of AuNPs in the 2 test lines (Fig.
The AuNPs showed no aggregation in the streptavidin at a concentration of >8 mg/L (Fig.