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aaU*aaUoi U*U[acute accent]U*U aaU* U- o[umlaut]oiau oiU U[logical not]aeaa U[sup.3]UU[acute accent] o[umlaut]U*aaU[macron]o[umlaut]U[logical not]aeU aeaaoiU[macron] auU[logical not]oiU[degrees]oi aeaaU* aaU UUU*U[logical not] Uaao[umlaut] U- aeU U*aaU[cedilla]U U U*aaU1/4aaoiU auoi U U1/4U aeU[degrees]oiUU[umlaut] Ui aaU* U*U[degrees]U[macron] U[logical not]UacU U*aaoiac auU[logical not]U[sup.3]auU Ui aeaaU* aaU*U*U U U*aa oiU1/4oiU o[umlaut] auU[logical not]U[logical not]U[degrees]aeae Ui U*aaaaac U*aaaaUU[logical not]U U*aa .
In the case of the letter A, these are aeio, aeiu, aeoi, aeou, aeui, aeuo, aieo, aieu, aloe, aiou, aiue, aiuo, aoei, aoeu, aoie, aoiu, aoue, aoui, auei, aueo, auie, auio, auoe, auoi. Thus there is a total of 24 x 5 (vowels) = 120 perms of the vowel pattern 12341234.