AUPPAmerican University of Phnom Penh (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
AUPPAverage Unit Production Price
AUPPAverage Unit Procurement Price
AUPPAustralian Unified Pathway Program
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Nial Farrell, Vice President for the academic and student affairs of the AUPP said it is an honor for the AUPP to partner with the Ministry of Commerce for the Translation Hub-Khmer project, as well as other projects.
According to the MoU, the AUPP is tasked to provide human resources, expertise, and other resources to input data in the form of words and sentences of at least 100,000 phrases (in Khmer and English), which will be used for translation in computer systems and other Microsoft programs.
This decision was made during a working session held between Secretary of State in charge of Tourism Slim Chaker and AUPP Secretary-General on the sidelines of the Colloquium on Inter-Arab Tourism held, last April 20-21 in Sharm Sheikh, in Egypt.