AUQAAustralian Universities Quality Agency
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An entry is defined as "a discrete system or activity that has been identified through the audit process of AUQA (or by another validating body) as adding commendable value for the institution/agency and its stakeholders, and that may be beneficially transferable to other organizational settings.
The database attracted more than 150,000 hits between its inception circa 2003 and the merger of AUQA into the (Australian) Tertiary Education and Standards Agency (TEQSA) in 2011.
The materials in box 1 are from Australian Universities Quality Agency, AUQA Good Practice Database, www.
This paper reports the extent to which academic staffing, specifically ageing of academics, is portrayed in the audit reports conducted by AUQA for the period 2006-2009 inclusive.
Table 1 shows the percentage of full-time and fractional full-time academics aged 50 and over in those universities from the selected AUQA audit reports in 1997, 2002 and 2007 compared to the national average for the same age cohort (DEEWR, 1997, 2002, 2007).
This study reports the extent to which academic staffing, specifically ageing of academics, is portrayed in AUQA audit reports for 2006-2009.
The fact that there has been no attempt by INQAAHE or AUQA to censor Blackmur is evident in that he already had one paper accepted for the Conference, and that that paper was critical of a particular project of INQAAHE's.
He has also disparaged my refereed article on AUQA, which was published in the University of Queensland Law Journal, as merely another in a 'series of attacks on quality agencies'.
Secondly, it can exert significant pressure on universities through highly public processes of engagement with those universities which AUQA decides do not meet its expectations.
Discharging at least parts of this mandate arguably poses some significant challenges for AUQA.
Interestingly AUQA did not make a submission to the Senate inquiry and perhaps it is also odd that of the 364 submissions received by the Committee only a 'small number' dealt with the subject of quality (p.
AUQA was established in March 2000 essentially to conduct audits of Australian universities on a five-yearly cycle and to report on the relative standards and international standing of Australian higher education institutions.