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AURAssociation of University Radiologists
AURAcute Urinary Retention
AURAmerican University of Rome (Italy)
AURAvailable Upon Request
AURAll Up Round
AURArch User Repository (Arch Linux repository for user packages)
AURAutomated Underreporter
AURAdvanced User's Reference (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP)
AURAverage Unit Retail
AURAverage Unit Revenue
AURAccess Usage Record
AURAsociación Uruguaya de Radioprotección
AURAsset Utilization Ratio
AURArea Under Roof (construction)
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I persisted in featuring the benefits of blended and online distance education and created a report to determine the feasibility of options for offering a remedial mathematics course at AUR.
Although the focus was on the Mth 085 course, I suggested that AUR review other mathematics offerings to follow the recommendations for the introduction and implementation of online learning.
Each of the following would assure that those pursuing programs of instruction at American University would have the knowledge and skills needed within the college mathematics requirements and would obtain the necessary foundation for pursuing AUR degree offerings.
Independent risk factors for AUR development were evaluated using logistic regression analysis.
Logistic regression analysis was performed to evaluate the effects of the known and potential risk factors for AUR, such as age, tPSA, Rt and the presence of pathological prostatic inflammation.
The incidence of AUR and Rt were higher in patients who were over 70 years of age (p=0.
First, a nonrandom sample of 25 large employer groups, each with a different benefit plan design and with mature AUR experience, was selected for study.
We implemented our AUR program in 1986 in conjunction with preferred provider programs.
AUR Lesson #2: Episodes of Care Should Be Reviewed.
AUR Lesson #3: System Design Should Be High-Tech and High-Touch.
As this program is more broadly implemented, AUR reports from multiple hospitals across the country will enable nationwide surveillance of antimicrobial use and resistance and, ultimately, earlier interventions by the CDC on behalf of the American public.
The AUR project demonstrates TheraDoc's commitment to public reporting standards and requirements.