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AuREAutomotive Requirements Engineering Workshop
AuREAU (Adenylate Uridylate)-Rich Element (also seen as ARE)
AuREAssociation Usui Reiki Europa (French: Usui Reiki Association Europe; Belgium)
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Alpha Real Capital LLP, the Investment Manager of Alpha Real Trust, is also the Promoter, Investment Manager and Distributor of AURE.
Un estudio realizado por Aciego de Mendoza, Dominguez y Hernandez (2003), en el que participaron 223 alumnos de Educacion Primaria y Secundaria, con edades comprendidas entre los 11 y los 18 anos, evidencio que el PIECAP propicia cambios significativos en los tres factores evaluados por el Cuestionario AURE, aunque la intervencion no afecto por igual a todos los alumnos, ya que el grupo de mayor edad (15-18 anos) fue el que resulto mas favorecido.
Later I came to India with Mijati and through him I met Pandit Shivkumar ji and I have been learning Santoor from Panditji in Mumbai," Aure said.
Cesaire exploits this notion to the fullest, and her descriptions of the regions in which Aure and Hermance have spent their lives echo their life experiences and self-images.
Amidst confusion and the "fog of war," they were ordered to move west and advance inland near the Vierville draw and take the town of Isigny, located at the confluence of the Vire and Aure Rivers.
Other guests included Lily Cole, Mary-Kate Olsen, Aure Atika, Ludivine Sagnier, Ellen von Umverth, Joey Starr and Julie Depardieu.
Aure OF, Nilsen JH, Vasseljen O (2003): Manual therapy and exercise therapy in patients with chronic low back pain.
Castres: RT eulet; J-B Peyras Loustalet, FTuilagi, L Marticorena, TBC; Y Delaigue, M Barrau; C Hoef t, R Vigneaux, K Meeuws, F Capo Ortega, L Nallet, J Puricelli, P Volley, F F aure.
Starring: Romain Duris, Niels Arestrup, Linh-Dan Pham, Aure Atika.
101: "quae nam igitur est illa potentia interior quae ab aure perceptas illas voces ad sensum communem delatas ut voces tantum nudas, potuit intrudere in memoriam?
Aure chastised Venezuela's generals and admirals for tolerating Chavez.
Aure Clement aporta la dimension femenina de la que carecia la primera version.