AURNAmerican Urban Radio Networks
AURNAutomatic Urban and Rural Network (UK Ecology)
AURNAssociation of University Registered Nurses (Oregon Health and Science University; Tualatin, OR)
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Daily and hourly readings of these pollutants are taken and fed to the quality assurance and control unit for AURN, run by energy and climate change consultancy AEA.
For each urban area, ozone data from urban background air quality monitoring stations were obtained from the AURN (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, London, UK) and were used to construct daily maximum 8-hr running mean ozone concentrations for 1993-2006.
Importantly, Urban One VP/Business Development Josh Osh was in attendance, as were some key Urban media leaders including Sherman Kizart and Chesley Maddox-Dorsey, of American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) and its parent, Access.1 Communications.
* Jerry Lopes, President Program Operations and Affiliations, AURN
"It's important we build on the momentum from the 2012 presidential election when record numbers of African Americans showed up at the polls to vote," said Jerry Lopes, President of Program Operations and Affiliations for AURN