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AURORAAutonomous Unmanned Remote Monitoring Robotic Airship (unmanned aerial vehicle)
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The Aurora's whistle hooted a final announcement of departure.
The gang-plank was hauled in, and the Aurora swang out from the bank.
"Aurora," he began, in that deep voice like a drum of passion that had moved so many audiences, "will you--"
(especially in such a presence as Bruno's and Aurora's) rather like the wooden Noah out of an ark.
It was evident that the great Aurora, though by no means indifferent to the admiration of the other sex, wanted at this moment to get rid of all the men who admired her and be left alone with the man who did not-- did not admire her in that sense at least; for the little priest did admire and even enjoy the firm feminine diplomacy with which she set about her task.
"I would engage a launch and go down the river on the track of the Aurora."
I want to find the whereabouts of a steam launch called the Aurora, owner Mordecai Smith, black with two red streaks, funnel black with a white band.
We cannot pick up the broken trail until we find either the Aurora or Mr.
Though the aurora still flamed, another day had begun.
Under more elevated latitudes, it might have been mistaken for an immense aurora borealis, for the sky appeared on fire.
"We are the daughters of the secret fire Of the fire which runs through the veins of the earth; We are the daughters of Aurora and of the dew; We are the daughters of the air; We are the daughters of the water; But we are, above all, the daughters of heaven."
Now Morn her rosie steps in th' Eastern Clime Advancing, sow'd the Earth with Orient Pearle, When ADAM wak't, so customd, for his sleep Was Aerie light, from pure digestion bred, And temperat vapors bland, which th' only sound Of leaves and fuming rills, AURORA's fan, Lightly dispers'd, and the shrill Matin Song Of Birds on every bough; so much the more His wonder was to find unwak'nd EVE With Tresses discompos'd, and glowing Cheek, As through unquiet rest: he on his side Leaning half-rais'd, with looks of cordial Love Hung over her enamour'd, and beheld Beautie, which whether waking or asleep, Shot forth peculiar Graces; then with voice Milde, as when ZEPHYRUS on FLORA breathes, Her hand soft touching, whisperd thus.