AUSIAutonomous Undersea Systems Institute
AUSIAmerican Union Securities, Inc. (New York, NY)
AUSIAssociated Underwater Scuba Instructors (aka Australian Underwater Scuba Instructors Pty. Ltd.)
AUSIAnatomical Urinary Stress Incontinence (gynecology)
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Abbasi is overcome an urge to find Ausi's best friend Eddy with whom he corresponds through letters.
"Corti organas"; instaliacija pavadinta klausos percepcijos organo, esancio vidineje ausies dalyje, vardu).
The formation of the first metallic glass (MG) in a binary AuSi system has spurred intensive interest in the fundamental understanding of glass formation and structure-property relationship [1-5].
Once in the netherworld, however, Amphiaraus, out of fear of offending Pluto, denies any heroic motive for his arrival, distancing himself from courageous figures such as Hercules and Orpheus: 'nec ad Herculeos (unde haec mihi pectora?) raptus, / nec venerem illicitam (crede his insignibus) ausi / intramus Lethen' (8.
Sahiwal), Ausi.Gold-61 (Seed Company, Karachi) and FSS-63 (Farm Services Syndicate Karachi).
(43) That a parody of Christian liturgical practices and critique of the Church may be at the center of this tale of a non-transformation is supported by a look at the novella's closest analogue, a fabliau entitled "De la pucelle qui vouloit voler." (44) This fabliau describes how a beautiful woman, courted, with no success, by the cream of society falls into the clutches of a priest who claims that he can fulfill her whimsical desire to fly "ausi comme fist Dedalus." Impressing upon her the importance of having a tail, "Que nus oyseaus sans ce ne vole," and a beak, the priest selflessly assumes the duty of supplying her with both.
University of Cape Town graduate and head of the TB/HIV and Wellness programmes for the Nkenke Consultancy, Dr Ausi Nkhi, shared her experience of work-acquired TB and its long-term effects.
Bank Ausi - Audi Saradar Group and Saham Finances are confident that their cooperation will be very productive and will benefit customers in Lebanon.
Kandidatas turis buti malonus, stengtis atsiminti kiek galima daugiau zmoniu ir juos susitikes vadinti kiekviena vardu, itempdamas savo atminti ir pasinaudodamas nomenklatoriaus--vergo patarnavimais, kuris i ausi snibzdetu, koks yra sutiktojo vardas.
Its sixcylinder, 247 bhp 3-litre Ausi turbo diesel engine powers it from 0 to 62 mph in just 6.8 seconds, with a top speed of 150 mph.
Its six-cylinder, 247 bhp 3-litre Ausi turbo diesel engine powers it from 0 to 62 mph in just 6.8 seconds, with a top speed of 150 mph.