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The service, called GEODATA SPOT-LITE online, has a catalogue of images from the French `SPOT' satellite series which have been processed at AUSLIG's Canberra remote sensing facility, the Australian Centre for Remote Sensing (ACRES).
Catchment boundaries were those defined by the former Australian Water Resources Council (AUSLIG 1997).
The AUSLIG GEODATA 9 see DEM is a gridded digital elevation model computed from topographic information including point elevation data, elevation contours, and stream and cliff lines.
* combined with a grid file of the waterbodies at 9 s resolution (from the AUSLIG GEODATA dataset);
1960-1968; Leahy 1993), and digital geology (1:250000) for Ipswich were co-registered to the 9 second digital elevation model (DEM) (AUSLIG 1996) gridded to a 250-m cell size (Fig.