AUSSAndrews University Seminary Studies (journal)
AUSSAdvanced Unmanned Search System (US Navy)
AUSSAmerican Union of Swedish Singers (various locations)
AUSSAssociation of University Summer Sessions (various schools)
AUSSAssociate Undersecretary of State
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In this paper, I analyze the performance analysis of the proposed grant-free and cooperative relaying-NOMA for IoT-intermittent communication using a more practical-scenario that in uplink (UL) communication, the AUSs can be changed in several continuous time-slots and deploy a simple and low-complexity based dynamic compressed-sensing (DCS) MUD algorithm to jointly-realize both the user-activity and data-detection.
auss It's not all been easy for Rolf, and in this fascinating interview, Piers Morgan coaxes tales of hardship and woe from the much-loved polymath.
His continent is based, however tenuously, on the report of an actual voyage: that of the Portuguese merchants Nuno Manuel and Cristobal Haro to the Rio de la Plata, and related in the Newe Zeytung auss Presillg Landt ("New Tidings from the Land of Brazil") published in Augsburg in 1514.
Potential complications associated with AUSs are well-documented in the literature.[sup.2,3] The presentation of such complications, especially urethral erosion, is not subtle and often characterized by acute infection and leakage.
3 September 2010 - Norwegian Trygg Pharma said Friday it has agreed to buy Epax Holding, a wholly owned subsidiary of fish producer Austevoll Seafood (OSL: AUSS), for an undisclosed sum.
(37) "auss betrangnus meiner gewissen und rechten eifer zur cristenlichen religion." StA A, KA 208, fol.
BAKER AUSTIN (Two years today Auss, still can't believe you have left us.
(53.) "Von Nurnberg im Edelgekrohnten Bluhmen Orden Erone genant [...] eine nette Poetin sowohl im Deutschen als Franzosischen / auss welcher letztern Sprache sie auch unterschiedene nutzliche Wercke in unsere ubersetzet" (Eberti 214).
In denen vier ecken sihe ich Cererum, Floram, Bacchum und Saturnum, jeden auss beygesetzten Zeichen wol erkandltlich umb und um betrachte ich die ungliickseelig-und in Palmbaum verwandlete Schwestern Phaetontis, welche den schmertzliche undergand ihres Ungluckvollen Bruders wehemutig beklagen.
In 1967, SDS activists at the recently opened German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) in West Berlin had contacted the Action Center of Independent Socialist High School Students (AUSS) in Frankfurt.
AUSs have expanded the number of loans that lenders can make by significantly reducing the time and cost of originating a loan and allowing lenders to tailor loan terms based on an individual borrower's risk profile.
(20.) The texts of Eine Schone Lustig Triumphirende Comoedia von Eines Koniges Sohne auss Engellandt und des Koniges Tochter auss Shottlandt and Tragoedia von Julio und Hyppolita may be found in Spieltexte der Wanderbuhne, ed.