AUSTLIIAustralian Legal Information Institute
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Social media activity, content, and reach now include links to the Austlii legal database, providing media story ideas and uploading audio judgments on a dedicated channel.
For example, AustLII automates the creation of hypertext links (Burns, C, 2007, p.
By 1999, AustLII developed a comprehensive national database for case law, legislation, and treaties for all nine Australian legal jurisdictions, thereby becoming the first free access legal information system to compete with commercial providers.
Vadarlis, [2001 ] FCA 1329; (2001) 110 FCR 491; (2001) 183 ALR 1; online: AusTLII Homepage <http://www.
Federal Magistrates Court sections of the AustLII website, using the
There are several characteristics of AustLII that make the service remarkable--the scope of the database is one thing, the programs developed to enhance the service, and support search strategies is another.
Three LIIs played key roles in early developments: the Legal Information Institute (Cornell), AustLII, and LexUM.
Although the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Anne Bayefsky and AustLII websites currently provide, search databases for treaty body materials, these are relatively recent and still developing.
The AustLII entry for each suppressed judgment contains only the standard case name 'Judgment Suppressed', the courts medium neutral citation and the date of the decision.
143) Increasingly both case law from a range of jurisdictions as well as non-case law material that would otherwise be impossible to obtain is becoming available through databases such as Dialog, Lexis, Nexis and Westlaw as well as over the internet from web sources such as Austlii.
The supposition that prosecutions are rare is based on a search of AustLII databases and anecdotal evidence.