AUSTLIIAustralian Legal Information Institute
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For example, AustLII automates the creation of hypertext links (Burns, C, 2007, p.
By 1999, AustLII developed a comprehensive national database for case law, legislation, and treaties for all nine Australian legal jurisdictions, thereby becoming the first free access legal information system to compete with commercial providers.
SAFLII was established with various partners and funders, including AustLII.
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There are several characteristics of AustLII that make the service remarkable--the scope of the database is one thing, the programs developed to enhance the service, and support search strategies is another.
AustLII has also many offspring, one of them being the World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII), a co-operation between the LIIs worldwide.
For instance, Cornell LII integrates its services with legal education, and AustLII has several features to help lay users.
Three LIIs played key roles in early developments: the Legal Information Institute (Cornell), AustLII, and LexUM.
By 1999 AustLII had developed databases from all nine Australian jurisdictions covering key providers of case law, legislation, treaties and some other content.
They started with informal discussions on cooperation in 1997 and 1999 in Sydney when AustLII hosted the first two Law via Internet Conferences.
In 2000-2001, AustLII provided its search engine (SINO) and hypertext mark-up software to assist the creation of BAILII, CanLII, PacLII and HKLII.