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AUSTRALISAMS for Ultra Sensitive Trace Element And Isotope Studies
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australis) in littoral habitats of flood plain lakes and ponds by using stable isotope natural abundances.
After the acquisition, Australis holds 34,873,628 common shares and debentures in the principal amount of USD 1.6m.
Alula Borealis is about 400 light-years distant while Alula Australis is only around 26 light-years away.
A total of 138 larval Merluccius australis, measuring between 2.77 and 6.07 mm SL (mean [+ or -] SD, 4.69 [+ or -] 0.90) were collected in larger abundance in open waters of Penas Gulf, but also along channels, fjords and zones influenced by the discharge of Baker and Pascua rivers (Chilean Patagonia), during austral spring 2014 (Fig.
australis responded only to temperature (P<0.001) (Table 1, Fig.
Terra Australis is a production company focused on underwater filming.
A strong Aurora Australis can be predicted using planetary index or KP numbers, which are a measure of geomagnetic activity that increases on a scale of 0-9 according to geomagnetic strength.
Reliqua australis orae etiamnum in obscuro latent, mihi tamen admodum sit verisimile eam orbis partem non integi atque obduci pelago.
He covers what exists beyond, the world as palimpsest, the cartographers' southern continent, Terra Australis takes shape, Mercator's southern continent and theory of equipoisure, seeking Terra Australis, the Dutch discovery, Van Dieman's Lands, Terra Australis adrift, an icy end, mistaking Australia for Terra Australis, and the power of imaginative geography.
australis, of which the former subsequently died within three days (Figure 1(b)) but the latter survived (Figure 1(d)).
Some studies have compared the competitive abilities of Phragmites australis and Spartina alterniflora [17, 18].
australis differed widely in their ability to accumulate heavy metals which make them able to be used in phytoremediation [24-26].