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The faculty members exhibited complete unity and vowed to stand by AUTA Executive Council till the removal of the interim VC Dr Noor Paio Khan.
An increase in the influent flow rate into the adsorption column was synonymous with an increase in mass flow (Auta et al.
[1.] Dasuki A, Auta J, Oniye SJ (2013) Effect of stocking density on production of Clarias gariepinus (Tuegels) in floating bamboo cages at Kubanni reservior, Zaria, Nigeria.
Es evidente que las cosas tienen su propia esencia firme (auta auton ousian echonta tina bebaion esti ta pragmata), no son con relacion a nosotros (pros hemas), ni se dejan arrastrar arriba y abajo por nuestro parecer (phantasmati), sino que son por si (kath'hauta) con relacion a la propia esencia (pros ten auton ousian) que tienen por naturaleza (pephuken).
Moving up the range, there are 110 and 130bhp versions of the turbocharged PureTech petrol unit, with the 110bhp variant optionally available with EAT6 autA omatic transmission.
[3.] Auta A, Omale S, Folorunsho TJ, David S, Banwat SB.
Ratownik-kierowca przez chwile stracil swiadomosc, ktora odzyskal po wyciagnieciu go z auta. U poszkodowanego, ktorego zabrano do szpitala, zdiagnozowano stluczenie glowy oraz stluczenie i skrecenie kregow szyjnych.
There are three settings on this drivetrain: 2WD, which powers the front end only; AUTA O, which shuffles torque about automatically; and LOCK which splits torque 50/50 front to rear at speeds of up to 50mph.
[14] Abiamo mandato 1 lett(era) p(er) Lazaro Grasso co(n)pag(no) de Iohani di Fegini: | se no(n) l'avete auta fate d'averla.
"We've seen growth in titles such as The Backwoodsman, Auta Buy and Wheeler Dealer, Off the Grid, and Mother Earth News."