AUTECAtlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center (US Navy)
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Viewed in the context of the prior (and still continuing) AUTEC Committee effort, the formation of the Presidents Commission demonstrates a considerably enhanced degree of commitment to the preparation of K-12 teachers in the State of California, as it involves the chief executive officers of CSU campuses from throughout the state.
Newly qualified as a PPC, I took my crew to the AUTEC range near Nassau for a TorpEx event.
The study conformed to the ethical principles of the AUT ethics committee (AUTEC), and ethical approval for the study was granted through AUTEC in 2011.
AUTEC is responsible for research, development, engineering, operation, and testing of the Navy's underwater, air, and surface weapons systems.
Raytheon will also provide base logistics support for AUTEC.
announced today that AUTECS -- or Automotive Electronic Control Systems Inc.
Gary Doyon, senior test equipment engineer for AUTECS, said prior to the arrival of the ProMaster 9500, AUTECS employees handled fine-pitch ICs by hand, a process that was slow and inefficient.