AUTLAuthorization List
AUTLArmy Universal Task List
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The AUTL does not include tasks performed by the Army as part of a joint or multinational force.
This matrix captures the operational tasks (i.e., AUTLs and/or UJTLs) that are performed during each phase of battle (Objective Force: Unit of Employment Concept, 7 August, 2002): Entry, Shape, Decisive, and Transition (e.g., Conduct Landing Zone Operations during Entry phase).
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The doctrinal term ISR Synchronization was adopted several years ago in a change to FM 7-15, Army Universal Task List (AUTL).
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Linkage between Persistent Surveillance and the AUTL
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The combination of the two tools allows users access to more than 4,000 PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, TXT, RTF, ZIP files and the ability to search the Individual tasks, Collective tasks, Soldier tasks, Warrior tasks, AICGM, 6,700+ lines of data from AUTL, and 35,000+ lines of data from UJTL.
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Ad hoc queries are available to give users the ability it perform very granular, refined queries based on force structure, Army Universal Task List (AUTL), collective tasks, and individual tasks.
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The "Task" tab contains MI Soldier individual, collective tasks, and associated Army Universal Task List (AUTL) tasks as well as system tasks (e.g., Prophet).